Unë Concept

Unë Concept is an artistic project that designs and illustrates fashion garments by hand to create unique and exclusive works. "The revaluation of the fashion concept".

Flâner Studio

Flâner Studio is a brand of durable and timeless jewelry (all our jewelry is made of stainless steel, so it is resistant to water and the passage of time), but Flâner is also a daily source of inspiration and creativity.

Vassa Jewels

Vassa Jewels through this project offers you handmade jewelry, with a sensitive and timeless design, precious in terms of emotional value and aesthetically beautiful.

Bynana Studio

Bynana Studio was born two years ago with the idea of experimenting, learning and growing on a personal and professional level. A place where creativity (orange), nature (green), love (pink), authenticity (purple) and sustainability (brown) are the main values.


Soco is a brand made for and by women, we make unique pieces to fill your wardrobe with color. We love the relaxed chic style of the 80s/90s, along with the hippie/Ibiza vibes. We are eco-friendly, we only work with 0 stock fabrics, and we make limited collections.

Faded Line

The dream of Núria Farran, mother of Faded Line, had always been to found a fashion brand. In 2015, living in Tulum, close to nature, made her realize the impact that the way we live is having on the planet and that the need for change is imperative. So, hand in hand with her dreams and convictions, Faded Line was born as a conscious, ethical and local fashion brand.

NüO Studio

Saioa decided to fight for her dreams and bet on a sustainable fashion project that little by little has become what NüO Studio is now. This dream was born to show that design is not at odds with sustainability. For this reason, all their garments are designed and made in a small workshop in Barcelona.

The Caribbean Motel

The Motel Caribe was born with a conscious and sustainable vision, which is why we work ethically from the beginning with local suppliers. Our mission is to make sustainable and timeless garments that last over time. Our collections are produced with recycled materials and 100% organic cotton in limited quantities, thus avoiding waste of materials and overproduction.

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