Faded Line

The dream of Núria Farran, mother of Faded Line, had always been to found a fashion brand. In 2015, living in Tulum, close to nature, made her realize the impact that the way we live is having on the planet and that the need for change is imperative. So, hand in hand with her dreams and convictions, Faded Line was born, a conscious, ethical, and local fashion brand.

Love and durability

Being mindful at every step of the process, from inspiration to sourcing to production, is a must for our small team. We want to create forever pieces for those looking for garments made with love and durability.


We work with GOTS certified companies to acquire the fabrics, linings, interlinings, knits, and care labels that we use throughout our production. We always look for recycled or organic qualities to give life to our creations. Likewise, we also work with local companies that sell dead stock, to give these fabrics a second life and reduce waste from past mass production.


We produce limited collections in small workshops in Barcelona and pay their workers fair wages. We believe that ethically priced garments should be made ethically. All the pieces are part of a small production that has been made locally.

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