About Us

From CloseB we are committed to the local economy and entrepreneurship. That is why we have created a reference fashion portal, where local artists from Barcelona can present their projects.

We want to bring together the best talent in Barcelona on a single platform, so that accessing it is easier and more comfortable than ever.

We want you to be encouraged to discover with us everything that this city hides!

Our Values

Tired of always seeing the same clothing stores? Our products have been designed by young brands that you will not find in any store. Unique artists producing unique pieces for unique consumers, like you.
At CloseB we dream of creating a living community of artists and consumers, in which we can all feel identified. Barcelona, fashion and the desire to express everything we are through clothing, whether producing or wearing it, unites us.

We want to show the people behind these projects, our artists, so that they can meet the people who make all this possible, thus offering the recognition they deserve.
Responsible Commerce
Supporting local commerce strengthens both the municipal and national economies, generates wealth and identity in the city's neighborhoods and creates new jobs, thus promoting a better distribution of wealth.
Moreover, by buying locally we can help reduce the overproduction of clothing by multinationals, fight against labor and child exploitation by large textile companies, and reduce energy costs related to importing products from abroad.
Empowering entrepreneurs
Starting a business is never easy, and clothing brands are no exception. At CloseB we are aware of this, and that is why we try to accompany our brands and publicize their products, so, that we can all enjoy them.
Furthermore, we do everything within our power to inspire new entrepreneurs through our social networks, with unique content from our brands and much more.