The Caribbean Motel

The Motel Caribe was born with a conscious and sustainable vision, which is why we work ethically from the beginning with local suppliers. Our mission is to make sustainable and timeless garments that last over time. Our collections are produced with recycled materials and 100% organic cotton in limited quantities, thus avoiding waste of materials and overproduction.

Local and Handmade

We manufacture our collections in limited quantities to avoid overproduction and waste of natural raw materials. We pride ourselves on locally made items with the aim of contributing to the growth and development of our Spanish artisan suppliers.


Our pieces transcend trends, going beyond seasonal changes. Our goal is that each piece of Motel Caribe can and will be treasured over the years, always loving and caring for our mother Earth.


Our goal is to make consumers aware of the origin of our pieces, from the cultivation of our cotton to the manufacturing process, and to learn sustainable purchasing habits, prioritizing quality over quantity.

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